In-Flight Nanny? Really?

According to recent news stories, a new business has arrived — hiring in in-flight ‘nanny’.

The service is designed to connect parents with nannies who are traveling on the same flight. Nannies register for free, and parents pay $10 to be connected with a nanny.

What do you think?

Our view — it’s well intentioned, but wide open to problems.  First, there’s no requirement for a nanny contract or a background check.  Second, there are many logistical problems, such as the nanny and parents not being seated close to one another. Third, many young children have stranger anxiety and are unlikely to bond with someone on a flight, even if she’s the greatest nanny in the world. Fourth, given the sheer number of flights, the chance of being paired up with a great nanny is low.

So we applaud the ingenuity of the new business, but we aren’t holding our breath.