Nanny Contract Template — The Essentials

Nanny Contract TemplateLooking for a template for a nanny contract?  You’ve come to the right place.

Whether you purchase our professionally written contract or write your own, here are the essential pieces:

1)  Start Date.  When is your nanny’s first day of work?

2)  Trial Period.  Is there a period so you can see if your nanny is a good fit?  Many employment agreements have a trial period — such as a month or two — and so should the one for your nanny.

3)  Work Schedule.  What days of the week and hours is your nanny expected to work?  And what happens if you need to change the schedule?

4)  Base Pay.  Will your nanny be paid hourly or receive a salary?

5)  Overtime.  Is there overtime pay?

6)  Pay Frequency.  Will your nanny be paid weekly?  Or every two weeks?

7)  Holidays.  Fourth of July, Labor Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc.

8)  Vacation.  How many vacation days will your nanny have each year?  And how far in advance must your nanny request time off?

9)  Sick Leave.  How much sick leave does your nanny get?

10)  Job Duties.  What are your nanny’s job duties?  This one’s critical of course, so be thorough.

11)  House Rules.  Can your nanny have her boyfriend/husband over?  Can she surf the Web during nap time?  Are there other rules?

12)  Extra Benefits.  Will you help your nanny pay for health insurance?  Or a gym membership?  Or for child development classes?

13)  Taxes.  Will you withhold federal income taxes?  And Social Security and Medicare taxes?

14)  Unemployment insurance and Workers’ Comp.  Will you pay for these?

15)  Transportation.  Can the nanny drive your children anywhere?  Who’s vehicle will be used?  Who pays for auto insurance?

16)  Emergencies.  What should happen in case of an emergency?

17)  Background Check.  Must the nanny submit to a background check?

18)  Work Eligibility.  Must your nanny complete Form I-9, verifying that he or she is authorized to work in the United States?

19)  Confidentiality.  Must your nanny keep information about your family’s health, finances, etc. secret?

20)  Termination of Employment.  What happens if you need to end your nanny’s employment?  Or if she wants to quit?

A great nanny contract template has many pieces, as you can see.  But it need not be daunting, particularly if you use a professionally written one.