Nanny Log — Tips and Nanny Starter Kit

Nanny LogA nanny log is an important tool for nannies.  And for parents, too.

All too often, parents arrive home tired from a long day of work. They chat with their nanny about how the day went, say good-bye, and then start their evening routine.

But exactly when and for how long did their child nap?  When were the diaper changes, and were they wet or BMs?  And what about food or bottles?  Was their child chatty, fussy, quiet, etc. during the day?  Lastly, was there anything else to report?

These pieces of information can tell you if your child is doing well.  They call also alert you if something is amiss.

That’s why a good nanny log is so important.  And why you should require your nanny to keep one.

A log is included with our free Nanny Starter Kit.  To download the kit, click here.

And remember, while a nanny log is important, even more important is your nanny contract — the core legal document between you and your nanny.

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