Have a great nanny contract is not the only tool you’ll need for successful nanny care.  Here are other resources we recommend.

Finding a Nanny

We strongly recommend using a qualified, selective local nanny placement agency.  They’ll help you through every step of the placement process, screen candidates, and ideally find someone who is a great fit for your family.  If possible, use an agency that belongs to the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA), which has high standards for membership.

If you do not have a nanny placement agency near you, you can consider using an online service such as America’s Nannies, SitterCity, or Please note, though, that these services may not screen as rigorously as your local placement agency.


One of the largest risks of having a nanny is paying the proper taxes. If you have an accountant, ask if they can provide tax and payroll assistance.

If your accountant lacks experience with nannies or cannot provide payroll assistance, we recommend using 4NannyTaxes or Breedlove.

Background Search

Without exception, a background check should be done before a nanny is hired. However, before beginning the process of conducting a background search, know that the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires you to get your nanny’s permission before performing a search. To learn more click here. After you have complied with the necessary federal laws follow these easy steps:

First, contact a nanny’s prior employers and ask them about the quality of his or her work.

Second, do a simple Internet search, looking for good and bad information that may come up on social networking sites, etc.

Third, search public records, including criminal records.  If you need help with a records search, there are various online services that are often sufficient.

Legal Help

An attorney may be needed to answer questions about legal issues that arise with the nanny’s employment.

To find an attorney, we recommend asking friends and work colleagues for a referral of an attorney with experience in employment law.  We also recommend calling your city or county bar association, which most likely has a referral service.

Additional Reading:

If you’d like additional reading material, we recommend the following books (by clicking on the link, you will be taken to the appropriate purchasing page on

Nannies for Modern Moms: The Essential Guide for Hiring the Right Nanny for Your Child and You

Oh My, Au Pair!: A Complete Guide to Hiring and Hosting an Au Pair